Ideas for the bedroom in rustic style

Who said that only the living room and the kitchen can be furnished in rustic style ? Also the room offers the ideal space to create a warm, elegant roughly. More and more people have been seduced by the charm of the country , both in regard to reform cottages, as the decor itself still living in a conventional floor. If this is your case and you’re considering renovating a bedroom, take note of the ideas that I bring today to do according to the rustic style .
The bedroom rustic obviously requires two basic primary materials: stone (or brick) and wood.


For one thing, if you have enough space, the beams are pretty much a requirement. If the room is small, do not use dark shades of wood, would make little dark and bright environment. The variety of color that gives the wood will allow you to choose the right one.

If you can not use the beams, put wood on the wall, using the paneling. The wall acquires a style more characteristic if you do it with stone or brick, alone or in combination with wood. Obtain a corner for a fireplace, then, would be ideal. The floor is made ​​of wood, with rough planks. A very special are the simple terra-cotta bricks.
Furniture, accessories and details help to increase the warmth and atmosphere of the bedroom in a rustic style. We recommend a rough wooden wardrobe, bedside coordinated, always in wood, inlaid headboard of the bed, a beautiful chest of drawers in antique style, with regard bedspread and sheets, warm colors, or maybe even the classic pattern patch work.

In the cover image we can see a beautiful bedroom whose bed lies at the bottom, using a small insulated space that form containment beams. The downspout of a roof side gives it a sloping intercedes not at all in the light of the whole stay. This light shines through even the walls are white, and natural wood furniture with upholstery in oil.

More Ideas
In the second image we see a rustic bedroom that feeling that is enhanced by the roof beams keeps the air. This time it has managed to incorporate a large amount of furniture in no time any perceived saturation, hence the importance of knowing perfectly distribute every one of the elements.

Although the rustic style is perfectly suited to holiday cottages and sloped ceilings , the truth is that it can be seamlessly applied to other types of housing. In this photo we can see a complete bedroom that combines simplicity with strength, and whose decorative accessories contribute greatly to create that rustic atmosphere that was being sought.

Also in forging
Forging is a material that is going to stomp on the last few seasons. Nothing better to make a headboard or some other piece to match your bedroom rustic wood . As you can see in this last photo, the result is spectacular.






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