Ideas for use in decorating pallets

It seems that finally not going to end the world, so we have no choice but to keep with our daily chores. Jokes aside, the fact is that the health of our planet suffers and is mainly our fault. Therefore, it is important to be environmentally friendly in all facets of our lives, including that which concerns us here: the decor. To put our two cents in the preservation of nature can do something as simple as recycling.

There are many everyday items that we can use for this purpose, but today we want to talk to the pallets, a material very easy to work with because the wood is light and can be transported and mold to your liking. It also allows you plenty of decorating possibilities. Do you want to know a few ideas?

Any trend in decoration
As you could see, the use of pallets has become quite a trend, especially in environments vintage and even some designers and their collections include furniture. And, thanks to not only get recycled pallets and save a few pennies in decor, but you will give a personal touch to your home. With them you can do anything: shelves, bed frames, chairs, tables … Anyway, just let your imagination to create truly functional furniture and most aesthetic.

Weird Ideas
So in addition to the uses discussed above, you can create original furniture as practical as a great shelf for hanging pictures or ornaments, headboards, room divider, racks … If you like the idea of using pallets in the decoration your home and you want more ideas, take a look at our image gallery.