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The bathtubs are coming out of a room only and are closer to a traditional style, when they were in the middle of the room, instead of safekeeping in a small corner. That is why recent trends point to these elements within your bedroom as an additional element to your decor.Of course the best thing is that they are really useful for both daily bathing, and for relaxing weekends. Companies are creating bathtubs styles vary, but always in look and functionality.


The discussions are perfect in spacious and better if they can be placed at the center, so you’ll have a very vintage jacuzzi in your room. The oval or square can be placed near walls per always looking aesthetics and overall design.

The visual offering these items is by far the highlight, after his important role of course. It is best that can be placed within the same floor, some steps to enter or above as in the case of the above circular shape.
The materials that are found are equally diverse and varied. Typical are from china and earthenware, very beautiful but require special care, through the fiberglass and wood. The latter are more similar to the Turkish bath and the like.

The room will have a real and elegant design with any of these supplements. Remember also that it can be placed in all areas, such designs are ideal for large homes and where the decoration generally allows.It is increasingly common to find bathrooms in the bedroom. What is known as a bedroom suite or suite of rooms inspired by the hotels. In principle, not a bad idea to follow the example of professional foster care: if you’re comfortable in a nice hotel room, why not play it in your home.

Of course we can, but we must do it right. The media space and a large hotel chain dedicated to their rooms may not match what you have in your home.One bathroom attached to a bedroom can have a sink and even a shower or bath, but should prevent the toilet, to be placed outside the room, to prevent odors and noise that inevitably seep into the bedroom altering sleep . Ever been woken up by the sound of a tank was leaking or not closed?

The advantages of a sink or shower near where you sleep is the greatest intimacy, comfort not to walk around the house half dressed, …. But we should make sure that the bathroom has natural light and air renewal itself, other than through the bedroom. The advantages of proximity will be bypassed by having a dark and perhaps small, damp, invite relaxation and enjoyment.

According to Feng Shui, every room (in fact, every room) of the house plays a role and has an essence of its own, a soul, a distinct atmosphere as people who live there, the exact time of your life, your personal goals … In the case of bathroom, the basic essence is physical intimacy and relaxation. Taking it to a broader level, the enjoyment of the body. So we have an easy test to see if your bathroom fulfills this function: Do you feel relaxed and calm in your bathroom? Can you use it to take care of your body, or is simply a practical element where body get rid of waste and surface dirt? Does it alter the tranquility and privacy of your bedroom for this too close or not to be isolated?

Thus, a bath too close to the bedroom that does not meet their duties properly can backfire, altering the duration and quality of sleep and in some extreme cases, facilitating the emergence of diseases related to moisture and water.

So can we use Feng Shui to enhance or correct our bathroom? Of course, some general advice can never replace a personal consultation in your home, but if we can keep a few basic principles in order to create an atmosphere of intimacy that Feng Shui advises.It’s about changing the perspective we have of our home and use my imagination, not only for aesthetic reasons, but energy. As is our bathroom, you will find the corresponding Bagua area. The Bagua is the anatomical map of our house indicating areas of our life: money, health, relationships, children, work, spirituality … are influenced by the furniture, paintings, personal items we have placed on it.

We try to make the separation between bedroom and bathroom is adequate to maintain the privacy of anyone who is in one of the two areas. The reasons are obvious, almost nobody wants to wake up and see through a glass wall as our partner during activity private.

Whenever possible we use natural light. When this is not possible, we must use complete solar spectrum lights that give a natural tone to the skin and allow to see clearly. Have not you ever looked into a mirror under a fluorescent light or tried to shave or apply makeup under a 40 w bulb?

Use natural plants if you have light or looking for those that can live under a proper focus. Use natural flowers periodically renew: is your bathroom, the one you use, the flowers are for you and not just for visitors. Again remember the experience of walking into a hotel room and meet cut flowers or an orchid in the bathroom What is your feeling. foster care, warmth, prosperity …? Whatever you can play it in your home whenever you want.

Many of these tips are also designed to compensate for the excess water and metal energies which are usually common in bathrooms, but that part is most appropriate technique for professional consultants.









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