Ideas to decorate glass vases

The vases and vases are the most widespread and decorative elements used when original touch to bring a different space, one of the main advantages of his fame showing the great versatility when adapting to all kinds of styles and approaches. Besides manufactured in thousands of different designs, glass vases are an excellent raw material to create your own objects and decorative artítisticos. So lets look at some ideas for decorating with glass vases .

Arrangements with feathers
Ideal to give a exotic touch to any room, decorate with glass vases filled with showy feathers is very easy to do, since you can just use a bottle with a pretty design and simulate a flower arrangement with all kinds of bright feathers and strange as possible.

Incase you do not find too many natural feathers, you can give a touch of color to your arrangement with an artificial boom of homes sold in DIY and decorating stores .

Glass Orchard
This idea is not very innovative, I admit, but it never hurts to remind a classic within the arrangements and centerpieces . A crystal vase wide and not very tall packed fruit is one of the perfect decorations for both the kitchen to the dining room .
Furthermore, this idea can be applied to decorate your personal touch and bring it into line with the rest of the decor. For example, if the prevailing light green in the dining room , a perfect fruit bowl would consist then of green apples, green and yellow pears, lemons and grapes. There are fruit of exquisite colors and shades, so it will not be difficult to find that variety I agreed perfectly with your decor.

Also, you can experiment with how to build your fruit bowl and can use tall, narrow vases to place just one column of apples, for example.

Garnish with sea elements
Whether shells, seashells, corals or even some sand, all these type of marine elements are ideal to form a landscape in any type of vases, especially the wide mouth or bowl shaped. Just put a little sand or a few stones, and top your creation with a starfish, a few shells or snails.

Vases with Candles
In this case, also decorating ideas with vases are enormous. You can combine candles and vases in various ways, from being able to use candles scented, multi-colored, floating, in groups or individually. Here there are no rules simply because a candle and a vase always mix well, either to decorate a table , the mantel, or decoration for a romantic evening .

Of course, there are many ways to decorate glass vases and decorative glass vases , but to you, what do you prefer?