Ideas to decorate home without spending money

Many times we feel that our house needs renovation airs. However, with the difficult times we live in, this change is slowing again and again unable to spend much money on it. What it can do is to go room by room changing gradually with details that do not involve large outlays.

Revamp your home without spending money

To start giving a modern air at home we must begin to remove all objects left over from every room. The stacked things that are not needed and objects that have been added without further and form part of the stay but, however, have no objective decorative . You have to collect all the objects that give a sense of abandonment and clear the entire environment .
For example, we always leave the keys up the entry furniture can collect them in a nice glass or porcelain bowl or store in a small wooden box. These letters we have recently collected the mailbox and left on the table, we can store in a drawer determined. The papers you no longer need in the office, we can shoot a paper tucked under the desk.

What now beginning to see the bigger room? From this point, you’ll start highlighting those objects in the decoration that really matter. The key is to go using details and accessories to beautify the corners and furniture we already have.
The flat surfaces of the tables are, for example, an ideal place to put small details and create a warm and cozy corner. Only you have to keep in mind that you should not re-create the feeling of space is reloaded, so you should not use an excessive number of objects, you must always keep simplicity as objective to decorate your home.

On a side table do not place more than three objects. They must maintain a relationship between them and also have to place them very close to be an attractive focal point. You can use family photos but not overdo it too.
Search the storage room and closets objects rejected at some point.In times of crisis any nice touch is welcomed at home. You can dig in the places where you keep the things that interested you in your time to create environments and give it a different renewed.
You may find cushions of various colors and shapes. Use them to change the look of your sofa. The cushions always give a warm and comfortable at that corner. With them will create a major focal point and bring volume to space .
You can change the look of the walls and sheets changing tables had already laid by others who had saved. Try, though, to place them in harmony with the rest of the furniture in the room.

Also fresh garden flowers or indoor plants give a romantic and renewed every corner. Find out about the requirements of each plant before placing in a corner given. One suggestion: put a vase of fresh flowers on a table next to an old lamp or in a corner you do not give any importance. You’ll see that rates nice and cozy!

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