Ideas to Decorate Pots

A plant always illuminates a house, so it is an essential element in the decoration of our homes. However, a cosmetic detail, not always appreciated, is the container which contains them. Sometimes we do great expense to buy pots sophisticated, knowing that there are great ideas to embellish .

Like any other home item, the pots can wear multiple styles. Painting is an easy way to decorate these containers. They can be painted using a tone or simply applying designs with mixed colors. It is very important to be creative, you can paint stripes or polka dots, but also landscapes or gardens. It is recommended to paint brightly colored opaque clay pots.

There is a technique called d├ęcoupage , whereby interesting shapes are fixed in the pots. After much practice, be able to make various designs, flowers, animals, and paste them into the containers. The result is very attractive, but it can only be done in plastic or terracotta pots.
Another way to decorate our agregarles terracotta pots are decorative elements, such as pieces of tile, broken glass, small pieces. You can use a simple tile glue. If the pieces are too big, we can fragment them with a hammer. Beware: you have to be very sure that we make design before starting to glue the pieces in the pot.

Finally, sticks can be used to decorate flower pots. Just dig the soil surrounding the plant and floral figures fit with sticks or insects (bees) to be confused between the branches of the plant itself, which gives the whole a special grace.