Ideas to Decorate the Hall

Although we pay enough attention to the rest of our home , the hall is often a space that bothers us too much attention. Generally it bind two major drawbacks: little or no natural light and lack of space. Of course not always the case, but in small flats becomes difficult to decorate a space.


For that not to happen, now DecoActual we leave some ideas to decorate your hall , so you will not miss any details and that stay that causes the first impression of our home, not be decorated in any way just to get by ( and pun intended).


When decorating a hall or entry, we must think not only about the effect it might have on visits but also in the comfort of those who came in and out every day and our needs.


What should not be missing on a perfect hall ? First a rack or coat rack, standing if space, wall or otherwise. They come in many styles that we can combine with the rest of our home. Nor can miss a mirror to “Drop” a last look before leaving home, if you stay small or just a corridor is doubly important because light multiply.

shose save

If possible, do not discard a shoemaker, especially if the floor of your house is a delicate material or have carpets. If your city is rainy is essential an umbrella stand. Finally one or hide-tidy tray, which can be a tray in addition to leave correspondence keys and coins or other small objects. Thus, you can have a hall decorated and very functional.

nice decor