Ideas to recycle plastic bottles in creative ways

But why throw all the plastic bottles without trying to recycle them in a creative way? With the right ideas, you can retrieve valuable material to create beautiful objects, decorations or gifts, thus giving a real hand and at no cost to ‘environment. Just get involved, find the inspiration for that purpose, follow to the letter the instructions of the project and you’re done. You can create vases or magazine, but also jewelry and unexpected containers, here are some useful starting point. 

An eco-chic jewelry

Ecological but also chic, practical, yet stylish: the jewelry made ​​with old plastic bottles , to bring order among jewelry and precious in an original way. The need for the project includes: Three large plastic bottles (1 liter or 1.5 liter) and a small (500 or 75 ml), an iron rod (35-45 cm), washers and bolts. First you cut the bottoms of bottles, which will be the real protagonists of the creation, by calculating a minimum height of about 5-8 cm. The first fund will be facing down and will serve as the basis on which you will mount the other shelves (the funds turned in the opposite direction), putting the iron rod and fasten them with washers and bolts. If you want to complete the most of the jewelry, you can paint with all the colors and brushes or sprays.

Bottles magazine rack

And if the bottles could be transformed into the original rack to hang on the wall? Just take six big old plastic bottles, delete the neck, that is, the top with the help of a knife or scissors (maybe at different heights), an old panel of wood or plastic, six screws and you’re done . Align the bottles on the bar and fixed with screws to the same, you just have to hang the bottle holder on the wall, thanks to a hook and a nail.

Purse DIY

To think that plastic bottles can become accessories to carry in your purse idea seems at times and science fiction, however, is possible. In fact, just two bottles of 500 or 750 ml plastic, a pair of scissors to trim off the bottom (about 6-8 cm), a hinge long as the circumference of the bottle and a stapler to assemble everything. By overlaying the two funds, with parallel edges and joining them with the zipper, to be stapled to both pieces of the bottles with the help of the stapler, you get a coin drive really original. To create an even more special, you can decorate the whole painting with a brush or drawing with a permanent marker the internal funds of plastic bottles.

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