Ideas to reduce waste at home

We know that every day there are huge amounts of garbage and waste that often end up on the streets or floating in the sea, causing serious consequences for the ecosystem. Today you can make a difference with small changes in your buying habits and your daily routine, follow these 23 easy tips to implement and helps the planet by reducing the amount of waste you generate at home.

reduce waste at home

1. Avoid buying albums and movies, switches to digital format.
Two. Ask and flatters homemade consumable gifts.
Three. It ends with the junk, cancel subscriptions that do not read. To save paper, you can also ask your bank to send your statements electronically.

Bedroom and Closet
April. Buy only the clothes you really like and know that you are using, your wardrobe is small but love him more.
May. Buy vintage.
June. If you go to the supermarket carries cloth bags, it is very easy to make.
July. Mends your clothes instead of discarding.

August. Buy in bulk and save soap in reusable containers.
9. Try using cloth towels instead of paper.
10. While relatively clean, re-using the foil as often as possible.
11. Give your old clothes a second wind, cut it off and use it as cleaning rags.

12. Buy small businesses have more natural foods, fresh and minimal packaging.
13. Avoid buying items individually wrapped instead choose the larger containers.
14. Always keep reusable bags on hand. If you have trouble remembering you need to carry, PINs at close: in your car, on the side of the door or in the office where available at all times.

Dining room
15. Do not use styrofoam plates and try to have cloth napkins.
16. Changes plastic caps: use a plate to cover the bowl with leftovers in the refrigerator or reusable covered call.

17. Our pets are not asking too much, we are filled with all kinds of things. Give a couple of toys and accessories to be their favorites.
18. Buy most of their supplies in bulk to avoid such wrapper.

19. Simplify your beauty routine, less means less waste products.
20. Use cloth towels instead of paper towels to clean.
21. Buy larger packages of toilet paper to reduce packaging that will eventually go away.

22. Meet new people in the library. If you have not explored recently, considered come back and order the book you wanted instead of buying.
23. Restate your places of entertainment: relax in the garden, cooking for the family, gives a walk in the park or a bike ride, go on a picnic or read a book.