Ideas to save space in the bathroom

In the bathroom we keep a little of everything, from large towels until fork smallest hair. For each thing has its own place and the bathroom is always tidy, then these solutions are very useful.

* Glazed Tall cabinets: these cabinets have the glass little doors, case type, taking advantage of the height of the wall without subtracting footprint. As measured 17 cms., Background so it is a very good option to save space on the walls and not to belittle the bathroom.

* A handy drawer in the base. It’s kind of low sink that combines modular cabinets, drawers and a handy drawer base, broad and long that can adapt from 50 to 1.50 cms wide and is a very good option to accommodate some of those things we do not use much.


* A shelf that extends the toilet: This shelf or ledge to the tub, which extends from the toilet, he wins more vanity area and small drawers that allow us to both men and women accommodate those things as accessories hair loss in women or electric shavers and accessories for men, so every little thing can make your own site and allows us to remember where everything is not lose sight.

* A bench or trunk with wheels: This bench is a bathroom accessory that offers plenty of storage space, as it gives us approximately 90x 45 x 45 cms, extra space, seating surface and mobility.. It can also be placed under the counter sink out of the way. It’s a great space to store bath towels for example, that won space and visibility out of this chair and the towels we avoid being exposed to dust and dirt.

* Shelves on health: This solution is ideal especially in small bathrooms as it takes advantage of an area of ​​free wall and have everything ready. These shelves is preferred them open, ie without closing doors and lighten the space and also give you more subtlety and lightness to the same space.

* A free and cramped closet: These cabinets usually has the dimensions of 44x 40 x 130.5 cm, a piece like this is ideal to go between the sink and the rest of health or in a small corner.. Due to its low height, the upper part thereof, also serves as a shelf.

* A full teak cabinet: This cabinet is a glass that is very decorative and also offers plenty of capacity to store in broad or square baths are available in a free wall. This design has the following approx dimensions: 65x 40 x 146 cms.

* A niche with built-in light: The fixtures can never subtract meters and plan to put them where you need them most, in the toilet next to the tub, on the toilet, etc.. To integrate better, it is good that matches the linings of the bathtub, countertop, etc.

* A very light cabinet under sink: This proposal is perfect in toilets or bathrooms a few meters: flown furniture that fits the shape of the sink that gives you more storage and features a towel rail.

* A wood and glass shelf: This is a panel of iroko wood with three glass cases that solves the storage of small things in just 28 cms wide.. Furthermore, due to its design and materials is decorative and very light.

* An original removable column: This idea inspired cooking columns, can take advantage of any space to store because it only measures 19 x 57 x 195 cms. It has the side mirror, which multiplies the feeling of spaciousness.

* A piece of furniture shaped staircase: This open bookcase is a functional and lightweight solution storage, which can complement the ability of the washbasin. Oak combines 5 runners that measure from 13 to 99 cm depth.