Ideas to the youth room design – 5 cool examples

A major challenge is often to create a space where he can sleep at the same time, study and reading, for a teenager. All young people are different – some want to never leave their rooms, while others want to go somewhere else than at home. We show you today 5 examples of excellent youth room design, where every teenager would feel comfortable. Get some ideas!

hq team teen room decor boy learning space bin

The first example is a totally cool youth room for a boy and was designed by HQTeam. The creative wood slat wall serves as a modular storage system. The shelves can easily move or remove to store various objects like, for example, a whole bicycle. Grey and white are the dominant colours in the teenager’s room, but you can see fresh splash of color as a tree table lamp and a teal-blue Chair.

hq team teen room decor bin bicycle wall

The next room is a converted room in the attic of designer Olga Podgornaja us. The room offers plenty of seating, but don’t overload effect. The decorations are characterized by the industrial style and love for soccer. The Green Wall color is perfect for the bedroom of a young boy.

tag children's bedroom design young gray wall color deco industrial

The third example comes from Dima Dolgykh and is influenced by the football theme in a subtle way, in particular by the love of Real Madrid. It is but not the first thing one notices in the rooms, but the Nice teal color.

hq team teen room design wood desk without kabelsalat

This room of FH Studio a feeling of modern playfulness. The combination of grey and yellow is suitable for boys and girls. The interesting, yellow shelf system in particular creates a nice Visual line and looks very decorative.¬†We see already a specifically female teenager’s room with this room by Maria Gluzdakova. Although it seems a little dark, are many light sources that illuminate the room. The orange hammock next to the window front offers a fun retreat. The dressing area and dressing table are hidden behind a curtain out of sight.

hq teen room design team young skateboard gray hues

This last room by designer Tania Ahmed would be perfect for both boys and girls, but is created in this case specifically designed for a sophisticated, modern girl. The yellow sofa easily transforms into a double bed. The accent wall is a testament to the creativity that want to express many young people in this age.

hq team teen room design color gray white wood young

hq team teen room design ideas young gray and white combination

hq teen room design team bike stowed on the wall

hq teen room design team young wood wall panels shelves

tag teen room design green color young

tag teen room design green wall color deco style industrial

tag teen room design industrial style deco

tag teen room design loft green wall color young

teen girl room design large window front rocking chair

teen girl room design purple corner sofa wooden wall paneling

teen girl room design purple white sofa sideboard desk

teen room design color petrol fashion wall color gray sofa

teen room design color teal accent wall real madrid fan

teen room design dachschraegen color gray yellow

teen room design dachschraegen customized shelving yellow accents

teen room design dachschraegen gray accent wall yellow color

teen room design dachschraegen yellow asymmetrical shelves

teen room design girl learning space decor

teen room design girl wardrobe dressing table

teen room design idea color white black yellow sofa

teen room design ideas black and white interesting wall design

teen room design ideas black white yellow sofa bed accent

teen room design ideas white plastered brick wall sofa bed