IKEA Catalog 2015

Like every year we try to have some advances on new collections IKEA .

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So this year we at Desainer.it let’s assume, for our users, what are the trends in the new catalog IKEA 2015 .

On the web the rumors speak of a type of furniture leaning more and more towards a minimalist , characterized by clean geometric lines and specially designed to have a visually simple and genuine.

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It is assumed that there will be the collections in Nordic style , in particular, there is an approach to Scandinavian style , characterized by the domination of white and light colors , not to mention without decorative elements vibrant red, white, blue and black.

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They will try to combine the traditional with the modern to obtain characteristic environments . As always for IKEA the functionality comes first, so we also talk about pieces of furniture ever more efficient and practical , more space-saving solutions for home living in comfort.

But we all eagerly await the new line of 2015 IKEA kitchens . We do not know much yet, but we can say with certainty that will take the place of the old collection FAKTUM .

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Also for the kids there will be new games and new furnishings for children’s rooms .

Of course there will be new and colorful textiles.

Meanwhile, we will keep you updated on all the news of the new IKEA 2015 catalog that we can browse in the summer of 2014.

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