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You got the new Ikea catalog 2013 Garden which you will find many accessories, elements, series and decorations to decorate your space in the open. Whether you have a small vent outside, which can be a garden but also a small terrace, from Ikea definitely be able to find an appropriate solution and economically interesting. Indeed, the great strength of the chain, it is the price definitely popular.


The Ikea catalogs are always highly anticipated. The reason? Simple, many simple dishes at affordable prices. This way you can furnish the entire home without spending a fortune. The additions proposed by the chain have a very minimal style that adapts easily to any type of apartment. The ability to customize with decorations is still possible. Even the catalog dedicated to furnishing outdoor is quite rich and vast. Will certainly not design proposals but certainly you can decorate your outdoor space.

The outdoor collection includes a range of Ikea furniture is to organize a lunch or to relax in tranquility, also available in series, parasols and gazebos, shelves, vases and also for exterior flooring. Let’s start with the series of furniture designed for outdoor dining, therefore, tables, benches and chairs. Among the innovations of the catalog stands out the series Falster, which includes chairs, armchairs, sunlounger and various tables, and is characterized by an aluminum frame. Always among the latest arrivals is the series Angso, this truly comprehensive, proposal or white lacquered finish with brown-black, and also includes a bench with storage compartment.

To relax there is nothing better than a comfortable bed with adjustable backrest, such as the number of the line or the Applaro Ammero, featuring a woven structure and cushions which cover it. Among the latest innovations comes Brommo, a chaise longue in massive eucalyptus, pigmented acrylic lacquer and rope. To give a touch of fun to your outdoor space do not forget a hammock, which you can find at Ikea, or Svinga, sitting in a rocking suspension. To optimize your outdoor space you can also opt for a set of shelves to wall, benches with storage space or even equipped with shelves and vertical structures, such as the series Applaro.

The collection is characterized by a series of umbrellas suspended or structure and large tents to be placed in the middle of your garden. Finally, there are plants, pots and pot holders, a series of platforms to achieve a floor and even an outdoor barbecue, great for dinners with family or friends.

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