Illuminate Kitchen corners

A shady corner and soul in a kitchen with a new look, thanks to the incorporation of luminaires. This concept invites mood with flashes of light, different corners of a stay and adding accessories that highlight your style .  today, especially, we discuss some tips to illuminate spaces such as the kitchen. Please note that this room is one of the busiest of home.You can renew the decor of a kitchen incorporating a lamp, even better if it comes to improving the lighting of the room, it will add comfort and a nod to current space .


If in the kitchen there is a dark corner or an area with low light, when light levels increase, to decorative purposes, it would be wise to choose models that produce an attractive lighting effect or parts concerned to provide character inside.  This idea of incorporating new lighting designs to your kitchen, and generated points of light that will be very useful when performing various activities, it is ideal to enhance the decor of walls, even if they are bare walls, white and unattractive , some fixtures may become that special wink, print style inside.

The space on a countertop, especially in the corners, is perfect for placing a table lamp, while if it is a small kitchen, it is better to resort to models pendants or wall sconces. It is important to choose models that offer practicality as well as decorative, with a system on and off simple, with spotlights complement well with the kind of power and adequate light to work comfortably in this room of the house.

Even some old lamp that is no longer used, some model no longer fits the current decor of your home, could be incorporated into this environment , perhaps with a touch or personal touch back to life a luminaire to suit a new use in the kitchen.  Besides having beautiful furniture, you must have adequate lighting so that they stand out!

Almost always tend to pay attention to other things and let a little side lighting of the rooms. But we must take it into account, as much as others. The lighting will plan from the beginning, if you want a kitchen look wider or brighter, warmer, natural light, modern .. etc.

Try to plan the stages of design before, so avoid mistakes and that we can easily fix.Think of lighting at specific points as light bulbs, think about the intensity they have and ceiling height.


Kitchen corners lighting