Importance of the lobby decor

The hall or lobby is the letter inside your house. It is the first thing someone sees when entering and when going past it. Many times we do not pay enough attention to this corner of our home, perhaps because it is a very small sector compared to other environments. However, it is a place that plays important roles in the daily grind of the house. So we will see the importance of the lobby decor in the home.

Functional decoration for the hall: mirror, coat rack, mat
First, it is essential that the lobby has a large mirror on one of its walls. Generally, we look to control our appearance before leaving or the guests checked his home when received. The most recommended are high, you can view your entire body, but you can also opt for one that comes to about the waist of a person of average height. The investment will have been even more useful if the cabinet has a small drawer in the bottom to hold keys: to have a fixed place to stop, avoid going astray.
Moreover, the lobby decor should have a hanger with good capacity where they can hang umbrellas, coats, bags, scarves and hats. Just as the keys, is a strategy to quickly locate the accessories and also not to forget before leaving. How many times has it happened that, to get out in a hurry, then we had to go cold in the street? Moreover, if we invited these can leave their coats directly at the entrance of the house, which saves the hassle of walking scattering by chairs or leave them in the inner rooms.
It may seem a minor detail, but it is also a good idea to place a mat on the floor behind the front door. This will keep your shuffle dust, mud or dirt from the street to the house, which will help to maintain the cleanliness of the home . You can choose to indulge in a nice design, in colors which match the decor of the walls or a nice legend, for example, the word “Welcome”.

When decorating the hall , you can unleash your imagination. Some of the options chosen are resistant to potted plants inside and brightly colored paintings on the walls. However, you can also choose other decorations at home, contributing to set the style of your home upon entering. What did you think of these tips?