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Every bathroom has a sink. Each bathroom has a toilet. But not everyone has a copper bath tub. If you are looking for something original to add to your standard bathroom, consider a copper bathtub.A sinuous bath with enamel coated walls and mirrors. Oh, and of course a striking copper-colored bath from which have clouds and see planes and birds go by. The rest of this house located in the Bay of Sydney, in the links below. · A sinuous bathroom with its walls covered with mirrors and glaze tiling, plus an eye-catching tub from where to see birds, clouds and planes pass over you ..

Copper Bathtubs

Like many designers are getting tired of nickel and stainless steel, copper coming back into fashion. Copper adds a rich warmth and when used in bathroom furniture adds a natural sophistication and charm only one of its kind. Copper tubs come in sizes ranging from 63 inches long and as long as 67 inches. They may have anywhere from 65 liters of water of 70 gallons. There are many styles to choose from including those with claw feet, oil rubbed bronze tubs, antique hammered copper tubs and copper. You can make very deep or extra long.

Make no mistake, however, copper tubs are expensive. Anywhere ranging from 2000-7000 dollars, these tubes are an expensive option in design. Nor are readily available at your local plumbing store as most standard tubs. This is a special order and many shops still will not be able to get them for you. A better option for your order is online. There are several sites that offer copper bathtubs, and Many manufacturers offer the tub and help with installation. 

A copper tub does not need special care. You can keep like new with only clean after use and use a towel to dry the residual water. It is important to keep it as dry as possible. If you want your bath to naturally age and, finally, change the color of a green patina, you need do nothing more. However, many people apply a wax or beeswax monthly household to help the color copper still.Copper bathtubs are attractive and durable. They are easy to maintain and are a treasured item you have in your home.


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