Impressive collection of home Coca Cola cans

When people love something, it is not unusual that their passion to be reflected even in their own homes. Some collect objects that remind them of the favorite sport, other works of art, and some are a real obsession for a certain color. Lillian and Barry, a couple of Glanmire, Ireland, but use his house to out their love for something a little different.

home Coca Cola cans (3)

Lillian began to collect Coca-Cola cans in 30 years ago, during his journeys through Europe. She has kept as a souvenir a dose of Coca-Cola from each country, his collection eventually came to include boxes from around the world.Moreover, when her friends or family going on a journey, they were careful to return back with a can of Coke for Lillian.

home Coca Cola cans (2)

Finally, Lillian decided to devote an entire collection of his bedroom but it proved to be rapidly proved too small, so she has decorated her home with all doses of coke or kind and kind of objects that remind him of his favorite beverage.As for her husband, Barry, he shares his passion and, moreover, it helped to decorate the House, and made even two doses of chandeliers.Discover all the details in the next Coke house picture gallery

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