Incredible Mexican Style House in Chapala

Today I share with you a house that I am fortunate to know personally and love from the first moment I saw her. Resting on the foothills of San Juan Cosalá in Chapala Rivera, is a Mexican style home with marking, full of vibrant colors, flowers, art, folk details, and characteristic elements such as tile roofs, or mud flats. It’s an incredible house that the photos I took are too many for a single post. So, thinking about the weekend already looks, I invite you to begin with inspiring gardens, patios and other outdoor spaces … you come with me?

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Today I’m excited to share a home I am fortunate to know personally, one that I love ever since I visited it for the first time. Lying on a hillside in Chapala, it’s a gorgeous example of Mexican architecture and interior style, Filled With vibrant colors, art, flowers, folk details, and elements charmful,: such as the clay floors and roof-tiles. I love this house so much, the amount of photos I took are way too many for a single post. So, having right This long weekend infront of us, why do not you join me getting inspired With its gardens, patios and other outdoor features?

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We stop at this beautiful corridor connecting terrace with kitchen … Monday we return to this same place, but in the opposite direction, to get into this beautiful home, so here I wait!

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