Incredibly stylish furniture from old pipes – vintage chic

Today it’s all about industrial all-round look furniture. today you will find a variety of industrial pipes uses in one decor , pipe connectors and unique vintage design to the make it yourself. Some of the furniture are very easy to build, the other slightly more demanding. But all have does it take together, one not a drop of adhesive to keep together.

chentisch build yourself 2

Cane furniture get dazzling along with vintage, as a modern and minimalist furnishing styles. Furthermore, these are very stable and last forever. Tube connectors Keeklamp, Tucon, or Masterklamp are newly purchased, relatively expensive. On eBay can you but often used, even for the half or get a third of the price.

build cherregal itself

Just quite often on eBay look inside, or stores there off your search keywords, and you automatically receive a message, once used connectors have been set.

cherregal build yourself 3

There’s still the second variant to build stylish vintage furniture. I’m level but not on the names of the elements, and where it gets it cheap. Plumbing-pipe connectors or something? Anyway, most Web DIY projects are implemented that. These joints seem to be widely used in the United States.

bedstead expanding pipes

If you have the chance to come cheap on such connectors a this lamps;) makes you please. At the end of even a few of my older industrial look postings.

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