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Those who prefer a more rustic, more natural, will be able to choose pieces – beds, chairs, tables, stools, etc. – exotic wood with rich decorations and decorative patterns on the contrary, geometric, simple, functional and beautiful. Equally inspired are also accessories such as baskets. But there are people who would prefer something richer as decoration, furniture and must choose the fourth, handmade wood, metal plated with precious metal engraved with care, in Indian legends signed with geometric patterns or scenes.


expensive furniture, but very pleasant quarter has been found in the past has been given to the sovereign judge or those with high rankings. Just beautiful, but something more affordable, lacquered furniture is traditionally made ​​in places like Gujarat or carved in Kashmir. For those who want a specific piece indicated a possible solution and it is easy to find a almirah cabinet, which can be used for exposure collections of crystal, porcelain, or a collection of precious books. almirah wardrobe, massive and richly decorated, with or without glass, usually has four shelves – or more – colors and natural wood colors used.

Equally interesting, and in the same range, are many closets and cupboards with drawers, tall, massive, the same natural hue perfectly complemented by a series of rustic seats and a measure of coffee, with rich decoration and inlaid with ivory, precious metals and other types of wood. It ‘a great success and painted furniture, especially high cabinets, which have different scenes on the doors, handmade by experienced craftsmen, of course, that oscillates between naive and folk style, a cabinet is particularly important in the past when a full house could not afford not to have such a piece. The scenes in bright colors, it is usually people in traditional costumes, battle scenes and romantic motifs, social and historical or simply geometric, very rich.

Beds, generally with canopy, are carved from fine woods as they are low and massive, rectangular, and the panels are transformed into real embroidery, wooden sculptures, sometimes painted, sometimes with decorative inlays and precious metals. Indian bed, the center of the room and an important symbol of the house, must have a dual purpose: decorative and practical.

At least as important are the accessories and decorations, especially the sculptures, usually made ​​of wood and metal, most of them with religious themes. On one side fri paintings and decorative objects in ceramic, precious metals, wrought iron, glass, the most popular models, hundreds of years. There are never used in excess, not to reduce the effect of furniture.




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