Indirect downlighters and Recessed spotlights – an apartment in Mexico

The architect of the Mexican studio Kababie Arquitectos has designed furnishings an apartment in Mexico City did impresses with its simple design and elegant. The 370-square-meter apartment has to indirect illumination of ceiling surface, Which connects the rooms and beautiful lighting accents in the interior in combination with recessed lighting and floor lighting.

downlights light of spacious kitchen dining area apartment mexico kababie arquitectos

The indirect lighting is everywhere to see, except the kitchen in the apartment. The living room is a combination of different lighting elements, Which emphasize the elegant interior design. The dining room and the living room with sofas and coffee table are on a platform made of marble, All All which is slightly higher than the wooden floor. The podium is the living room with a floor lighting rimmed and convey the notion did the living area is a separate section of the apartment together with the indirect illumination of ceiling surface. You can see ground lighting as well on the stairs, All All which is ran thus a combination of wood and marble.

indirect illumination of ceiling surface of downlights floor lamps lit stairs

In addition, the ceiling lighting is complemented by recessed spots are did Either built on the ceiling or high on the wall. Except for the kitchen follows the whole establishment of a Certain structure with dark furniture and indirect lighting. The kitchen, HOWEVER, shows individuality – it is equipped Exclusively with round recessed luminaires and the establishment Differs from the rest of the apartment. She is Further equipped with a sliding door made of wood Which can serve as a divider between the kitchen and the living room.

downlights bedroom wooden floor large windows simple design kababie arquitectos

indirect light yellow dining elegant window kababie arquitectos

indirect lighting living room fire place fitted spots murals glass railing

indirect lighting small bathroom yellow large mirror kababie arquitectos

indirect overhead ground lighting dining lounge black marble floor

indirect overhead main large bath room bath center dressing room

indirect overhead tv room sofa

indirect overhead window mat living room carpet marble Dining

Lighting recessed cohkb kitchen sliding door wooden partition wall kababie arquitectos

recessed spots ceiling lighting appliances fitted kitchen floor tiles sliding door wood kababie arquitectos