Indirect lighting in interior design modern staged

An exclusive space designed Studio for Porcelanosa international exhibition in 2016 by Ramon Esteve, to present the variety and differences of modern materials. Stretches a total of 900 square meters the whole exhibition area and 170 square meters of Which are split for ‘Premium House’.

indirect lighting kitchen island kitchen wall ceiling wood

Linear indirect lighting sets the design elements made of noble materials: such as wood, ceramics and natural stone, in each area Correctly in scene.

indirect lighting mirror bathroom minimalist stone wash column

The exclusive showroom of the Porcelanosa tiles manufacturer is designed completely Call Call Call monochrome in natural shades of Brown and inserted from first-class materials. He is divided into sections by partitions effective, Which are Indirectly illuminated and ran ran ran thus to draw the attention of the viewer on the striking details. Natural stone and wood predominate in the interior design, but are used in different, straightforward proportions.

indirect lighting mirror modern bathroom stone wash column

Geometric accents are in deterministic mining the areas of bad works. The main bathroom is dominated by dark gray-brown tones and the room is completely Call Call Call made of natural stone. Accentuated is the geometrically shaped wash columns. A free-standing bath in the same style, but this time made of light material, next to the window and contrast full mosaic wall is Placed separately. A small room Adjacent to the bedroom, so serves as a dividing wall between it and the Adjacent walk-in closet.

indirect lighting partition glass bath dressingroom

indirect lighting partition glass bathroom mirror reflective

indirect lighting partition of freestanding bathtub geometric shape

indirect lighting partition sandstone masonry wall design dining

indirect lighting table kitchen island wood modern kitchen

indirect lighting wall brown living room wooden floor ceiling

indirect lighting wall deco brickwork brown dining table

indirect lighting wall design bed bedroom wood natural stone

indirect lighting wall design bedroom wall panel material bed

indirect lighting wall design living room couch wooden floor natural stone

indirect lighting wall design living room ethanol fireplace natural stone

indirect lighting wall design living room with natural stone brownwood

indirect lighting wall living room fireplace natural stone edeljpg

indirect lighting wall natural gemstone lighteffects

indirect lighting wall natural stone wood floor bathroom minimalist

indirect lighting wall photo wallpaper detached bath geometric design

modern interior design-dining area kitchen wooden ceiling floor