Industrial loft with warm atmosphere

This industrial loft from Bratislava is a project of RULES Architects. It combines the best of both worlds. Core elements of an industrial loft be combined with materials that emit heat.

bedroom loft pinewood

The spaces in this loft are bright and spacious. This is further enhanced by an open structure, white walls and plenty of natural light from Windows.

The black steel mezzanine, the tough kitchen lamps and ceiling finish give this loft a typical industrial look. The chilly image of the industrial look, offset by materials that give the space a warm appearance. The floor and the wall are lined with pine wood. The kitchen was finished with a colorful splash wall, which gives the space an energetic key.

mezzanine loft

The mezzanine divides the 4-metre high loft in two levels. On the mezzanine there is a bookcase over the entire width of the room. If not chosen for a classic finish railing, but a net. This playful element softens the industrial character.

industrial loft

The workplace and living room are located in the same room. The swivelling tv gets a double function. During the day he serves as a working screen, evening is he direction living room turned. There he serves as a Centre for entertainment. The bright colours and natural materials give this space a bright and quiet appearance.

living room loft

From the living room to the bedroom. This is the only space that is shielded from the rest, for the sake of privacy. The industrial look with warm elements is also here. Wooden floors, white colors and lamps with industrial look bring the total look of the bedroom in balance.

bedroom loft

loft downstairs

loft living

loft warm appearance

loft with mezzanine

floor plan industrial loft