Innovative concrete shelves

Need I repeat that the shelves are a key element for decoration? Well, if you have not understood what I repeat today. This type of furniture today in various forms and materials, not only adds style to your home but also helps you gain valuable space.

The shelves everywhere and get the forms and types are today really varied, just to suit your style and your personal taste. But not only serve to keep your books, cd’su other accessories you may have at home, they are also perfect to separate areas.

There are currently very fashionable multifunction monoambientes or floors. And it is not only cheaper but are usually located in the most central areas of cities. Of course, such broad environments require that delimitemos areas, and this is going into the newness of today: the round concrete shelves .
The architectural firm Kamat & Rozario, originating in India, have created these innovative shelving from concrete, a material common in many construction and that is not only very strong but also very durable.

From rustic and somewhat neglected, these rings have been united and have been added wood shelves to create large shelves also help you split a large environment. Each ring has three shelves to store your stuff and win in meters and in style.

Personally I must say that I loved. Not know whether it is the fact of being made of materials which see daily or the combination of wood with materials grotesque as concrete. Anyway, I could not figure out if they are for sale.