Innovative Crystal hang planter 2016

Innovative Crystal planter to hang by Maria Bujalska The Crystal planter to hang is an innovative design of the young Polish designer Maria Bujalska. It darstellt to organism nourishing himself and sets new standards in the design of flower vessels ran thus. Be inspired by the creative idea!

Crystallized fertilizer planter design innovative

The static hanging basket which breathed life into. Here, the plant is an inseparable and important element of the whole system. It has been experimented with natural materials. Each Crystal planter to hang what made from industrial felt and cotton, dyed with organic food colors, and molded into a three dimensional form steam. The Crystal texture is Certainly the hall mark of the innovative product.

Hanging flower tubes made of felt wool

The “bag” filled with a slow resolvable fertilizer. Plant fibers are naturally pure. Plant and bag work like a system. The new fertilizer feeds the plants. Vegetable fibers and crystals fused with each other.

The young industrial designer Maria Bujalska has opened her design studio in San Francisco. She was born in Warsaw, Poland, where she lock her studies in industrial design at the Academy of fine arts. Out of curiosity, Maria moved to San Francisco and completed a master’s degree at the California College of the arts. Maria is the interplay of shapes and materials inspire. You explored the relationship between design and science.

Planter for hanging design Crystal

The planter can be selected to hang in any color. The attractive felt fabric in gray has also a striking seam, Which can have as well in a colorful color and go in a different direction. All in all is a truly original idea thatwill impress all your guests and quite probably not too soon gets boring this kind of flower pot. See more photos later, as well as the way that works like the pot.

Crystallized fertilizer plants grow together

Grow bag vessel fold steps

Hanging basket works as organic system with plant fibers

Modern plant breeding system room

planter to hang up bluegray cute idea design

planter to hang up crystals germination and cultivation idea colors yellow black white

planter to hang up maria bujalska design felt gray seamless blue yellow black

planter to hang up original art deco idea floral orange crystals

planter-colorful colors to hang up felt design crystal

Plants flower traffic do it yourself of ideas

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