Innovative ideas for our home wood tiles

Wood look tiles will give your living room or bathroom a completely innovative look. Even in the bedroom, tiles with a light texture porcelain are modern and easy to fall in love. Because pay the wood look tiles coziness of the heat itself, because the color palette matches the natural color of the wood. A few nice ideas for your next contracting renovation we will show you today.

Bathroom with wood look tiles

Wood tiles in large format are an attractive and innovative idea this year for the living room and the kitchen. The dark and the light are combined in a large rectangle and give almost a chessboard pattern reflected. These tiles are used particularly for large space since it would narrow rooms else. With futuristic design and finish your dream kitchen is a light table or kitchen island made of real wood and plastic chairs, how out of furniture magazine slit.

Beige and dark brown wood look tiles

The bathroom has mostly priority and need for tiles in our living room. The wood look tiles are trendy alternative this year. Are usually either with or without a glossy, bright tones used or an interplay of dark and bright as parquet plates. It beautifully if one has one bedroom with natural stone tile wood and has its natural continuation in the bathroom or toilet in addition.

black office stools Natural stone room dividers

For the rear wall of the kitchen tiles in wood look that mimics a teak wood are simply irresistibly beautiful Plexiglas. You made an original place for cooking and also to relax through the slightly reddish color. The wall tiles look just spectacular.

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