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No longer do his room like her child? It finds this boring, unpersöhnlich and ugly? Your child has become already a teen anger. As such, he has different needs and preferences, you often can not understand. It also refers to the design of the room, which he inhabited. Your teenager may no longer bed and furniture, the decoration of the room seems childish to him? He wants something new, but don’t exactly know. Stay calm! It is essential to transform the nursery into a teenager’s room. In the end don’t forget that the room interiors should match the individuality of its inhabitants.

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It is hard to give a teen dream room, but if you follow his opinion, the result could be wonderful. It is about young people who are open minded and active, therefore, the fresh, attractive interior is suitable for the youth room. It is important that the room design combined colors wake up positive mood and help the Heranwachsenen to recover after the long day of school quality. For this reason, then, you go for encouraging and bright color combinations to be applied. Of course, a well established youth room should except through numerous shelves, cabinets and drawers have bed, Office and computer. Just as order in the room will prevail.

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If you make the teenager’s room, you also forget not the decoration of the room. Actually, your teenager could decorate his room himself, especially if he is quick witted and inventive. Let his imagination free space! Then, the room will reflect his true personality. See the following examples and easily become inspired!

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