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PVC is a plastic that has several advantageous features: it is recyclable and waterproof, so very resistant to attack of atmospheric agents and heat and flame-resistant. E ‘equipped with a high heat insulation and nonabsorbent  so it is a good material, cheaper aluminum or wood, to make the windows of the house, where it then helps contain the costs of heating and cooling. Requires simple maintenance, easy to clean (the PVC frames can be cleaned with a damp sponge and a glass cleaner), and can be recycled at end of life.

Fit a UPVC Window
Install a PVC frame means saving on the cost of heating and cooling, increasing thermal insulation and home comfort.
The frames proposed by Finstral PVC, wood-PVC, wood-PVC-aluminum, PVC-aluminum are ideal for windows, patio doors, front doors for external systems-porch, windows coupled with integrated Venetian, blinds and related bins, blinds, shading and isolated subframes.
By purchasing new low-impassivity windows can take advantage of the tax cuts in 2012 of 55%, secured by the decree Save Italy (DL 201/2011, article 4, paragraph 4), which has extended until 31 December 2012, the deduction of 55% for the energy savings.

Energy saving

installing a new window in PVC replacement of an old window energy dispersion will be from 3 to 5 times smaller, thanks to the low-impassivity glass and insulating profiles thermoplastic. The PVC frames proposed by Finstral are also suitable for renovations. The replacement, in fact, does not include any building work: the frame of the old window is in fact simply coated with a tailor-made, without any damage to the walls, window sills, tiles. Leaks are covered with suitable profiles against wind and rain. They are then mounted the new doors.
The wide range available for both forms for colors and finishes, allowing PVC windows and doors to fit harmoniously into any living environment, respecting the original design elements.
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