Interior Decorating Tips

When is it valid to use patterned rugs? What distance must exist between the furniture and the paintings? How is best to use furniture with vibrant colors? How can highlight the double height spaces?

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If your living room furniture are decorated with patterned cushions, it is advisable to opt for a simple mat and a color. By contrast, a patterned rug is an excellent choice when the setting of the stay sober. furniture and paintings Wheel Furniture and tables should form a concept (within the meaning of the decoration is different), therefore is essential not remove them too.


The proper distance between the two elements between 15 and 20 inches, no more. furniture vibrant colors While some trends are loaded to this proposal, it is also true that this type of furniture color goes out of style easily therefore we suggest you choose neutral furniture and add accents with accessories. Spaces double height rooms and dining The double-height part of an aesthetic and timeless style. To highlight its beauty, decorative suspended are an excellent alternative.

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