Interior design in white and marble – modern log home design

The exterior facade of this modern block consists of concrete and wood and gives no clue as to what can be expected in the Interior. The Interior is indeed entirely in white held with few exceptions and accents in the furniture and decorations.

Interior house in white and marble design view lake canada

Even with the marble, the white color was chosen. This Interior in white and marble radiates an incredible elegance that is accentuated even more by individual pieces of furniture in brown leather or wood. The living room of the House with Interior in white and marble has an open kitchen and an elongated fireplace. Also the seating area with a grey sofa and leather chairs has been surrounded. As also dr floor has a bright color, the gray carpet is particularly well expressed. In a niche, a small seating area was in turn created with chairs and a wall shelf for drinking coffee or reading.

Interior in white and marble entrance façade wood bushes

The kitchen has even those from light wood in addition to their white surfaces. It is as it were an exception in the Interior in white and marble. It offers plenty of storage space and two kitchen island, where one is used for cooking. From this living out to get great views of the Lake and the hills surrounding it by three of the four sides. Also the bedroom is decorated in white and marble. Not only the walls, but also the noble bed made of leather are white. With the bed linen, the cushion, and the mural is provided on the colors for a little variety. The bathtub is an original add-on in the bedroom. It is surrounded by large Windows on two sides and is covered with white marble.

chimney Interior in white and marble lounge seating area

And the Interior in white and marble is reflected also in the bathroom. However, the marble as material dominates here. The noble shower is made of transparent glass and is very spacious. The built-in wardrobe in white color provides sufficient storage space.

Interior chairs window reading corner in white and marble seating area

Interior in white and marble hills garden Parnorama lake

Interior in white and marble house modern stair railings of glass block

Interior in white marble and garden terraces design window concrète

Interior in white marble and leather chairs brown coffee table living

Interior in white marble and sofa stool metal mesh floor lamp

Interior in white marble and turquoise metal patio chairs concrete

Interior white deco idea elegant marble vase wood

Interior white marble balcony railings of glass sliding doors wooden facade

Interior white marble bathroom shower glass bathroom console wood

Interior white marble bathtub bedroom accent lamp

Interior white Marble Bedroom modern leather bed silk bed thing

Interior white marble built - in wardrobe mirror basin bath mat

Interior white marble chair color accent brown cow motifs

Interior white marble gray couch carpet shaggy window front light

Interior white marble house design canada modern garden plain

Interior white marble kitchen island closets storage outlook

Interior white marble kitchen modern wood accents stools counter

Interior white marble living modern metal wood table for deco

Interior white marble mural gray pattern nightstand

Interior white marble sink cabinet shelf light gray floor

Interior white marble table gray linen decorative pillow mural side

Interior white marble wood cabinets kitchen island

Original furnishings, Interior white marble wall