Interior Fashion Lines

I am currently fashionable stripes, become equally interesting in the field of ‘ interior , also important during the design phase.The strips can be thick or thin, horizontal or vertical, suitable to decorate homes or offices , interiors inspired by particular energy.Various may be the solution with the ‘ addition of stripes , for various furnishings. The stripes are in the wallpaper , the carpet , in the paintings , but they can also be used for textiles , for awnings or for armchairs or sofas .


The color is an important element to consider: the white and black can be considered for the interior of the elegant features or sober, red stretches for energy, green for vitality. You have the choice on the basis of environment and color determinant, we propose in photographs 40 different possibilities of furniture, reinforced and highlighted by elements in strips.

Paint a striped wall can be done easily by following some tips. The room can be in black and white, black and blue or brown and beige combination, for example. If you want to paint the walls of the room are a child, we can choose to paint the stripes of various colors and unevenly to brighten the room more. The idea is to paint the entire room or just a wall.

To perform this task best DIY is that the walls are smooth, paint it fit better. Need at least two colors, so we buy these paintings and use the lighter background. That is, paint the entire wall with the light colored stripes and then do the other darker color.
Make equal stripes
Once we have the materials we need (paint, brushes, rollers and masking tape), we will get to work. First we will cover the floor with plastic or cloth and skirting if we will cover it with masking tape.
Start painting the wall the lighter color, covering the entire surface. Let dry enough to continue working on it. Now comes the tricky part, because we do stripes with masking tape to paint the other color. We will measure either the distance between them to be equal. We can help a level or rule to fit well straight.
Once done, paint with a brush each line and let dry before removing the masking tape.



Danielle Oakey stripes


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Horizontal Stripes on a Wall

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Painting Stripes On Walls
Painting Wall Stripes






Striping Paint Technique