Interior flooring from concrete – sculpture exemplary house design

May every room in this House to come out. This is on the request of the owner of a House that the entertainment in the Interior and outdoor area, as well as the views to the North garantert, due to. Originally the House with interior flooring consisted of concrete from only one floor. After the laborious reconstruction emerged but comfortable and modern rooms, as well as a facade that looks like a sculpture.

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Mainly steel, concrete and glass were used for the construction of the House. This is true not only for the Interior and the exterior of the House, but also for the outdoor kitchen area and the walls. An important feature of the House with interior flooring made of concrete is its energy efficiency. For this purpose a underfloor heating system was built, which provides comfortable warmth in winter by using a pump. In the summer, the system can be used in turn as air conditioning. The system receives the necessary energy through the solar panels. Directly above the heating flooring from concrete an interior is decorated with all rooms.

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The House with interior flooring from concrete has four bedrooms that each have a private bathroom with toilet. Addition, there are two children’s room, a guest room and the master bedroom located on the second floor. The latter also has a large balcony from where to get great views of the city. Has a bathroom and a walk-in closet, the master bedroom, as well as a lounge area with fireplace and TV, and a small bar.

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