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Continuing with the idea of creating a welcoming and comfortable building, make the wood is the predominant material. Appear on the ceilings and walls, integrating the peculiar wooden parasols facade to control interior lighting and cover in the form of public square with floor also wood on the cover of the square building to accommodate all visitors and city dwellers.

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Timber is a material traditionally used in Iceland in construction, and in this case come from sustainable forests, meeting all quality standards and environmental care. Combining with warm wood placed touches of gold color, expressing luxury and sophistication. It is about xerografiados in metal panels that combine traditional Nordic graphic motifs.

We’ll find covering the main elements of the interior, such as stairs or vertical communication cores, or beds in the rooms. It is intended that by reflections and light games grab attention and make the users feel that apart from being in a comfortable building, also understand that you are in a hotel of international quality first. Draft: Hotel Reykjavik Interior Architects : Architecture OOIIO State Basic Project. Location: Reykjavik, Iceland. Area: 4500 m2. Design: Architecture OOIIO. Crew: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Cojo Cristina Vicario, Martinez Lourdes Nieto.

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