Japanese deco idea – make Original Kokedamas itself

you are once again looking for great ideas for decorating your home? If you are at the same time soon nature and plants, then our present Japanese decorative is the right choice for your idea. And the best thing is that you can make them even. The floral art, called Koke Damas, is a mix of moss and other any plants and ensures a pleasant Zen atmosphere in every room.

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The playful dama is an attractive floral art of a ball of MOSS is designed. This is in turn around the roots of any plant and thus this provides sufficient moisture, thus replaced the classic flower pot. Köke Dama is composed of two words together and for “playful”, which means as much as “Moss” and “Dama”, which is translated as “ball”.

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So happy to have plants around them and would your indoors with them shape, then use the kokedama to use special accents as Japanese decoration. There are a wide variety of plants, including ferns, succulents, citrus trees and even orchids. It is only important that they feel like Moss in the shade or semi-shade, to suit his requirements and form an ideal combination.

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The shape of a sphere is no coincidence. Namely, it symbolizes the earth. Traditionally provided the MOSS ball in a bowl or on a plate. Like to be the playful Damas as Japanese decoration hung up so. This idea is wonderfully suitable for smaller rooms where is not enough space to set up flower pots. In hanging from the arrangements that save space and decorate the room at the same time.

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Although this Japanese decoration comes from the Far East, youtube is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and other parts of the world. The floral art has to highlight to the target plants in a special way and to guarantee a natural growth. The arrangement reminiscent of the so-called ikebana, which origin gates as well from Japan. However, it used here living plants which form a whole.

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The ball of the playful dama consists of Earth, which is surrounded by MOSS. Inside, rooted in turn the plant and grows in it easily, without the need for a flower pot. Use any plants for this purpose, but at best dema thing, requiring less irrigation. Dwarf palm or succulents are very well suited for beginners.

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To make the playful dama herself as Japanese decoration, you start with the preparation of the substrates. A loamy soil is used because it is sticky. There is special earth for this project, called akadama. Dilute it with some water overnight. Have you used accidentally too much water, which must give you worry? You then simply squeeze the excess water. It then shapes the ball. Make sure that it is large enough to include all roots of the plant.

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The chosen plant will free you from your original earth. You can, therefore, cut longer extraneous roots. Now you can plant the plant into the ball. Finally, press the moss around the world. This grows by itself there firmly with time. Would you hang the Japanese decoration, you can wrap them with string. Therefore the so-called macrame is suitable for this purpose.

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The care of the playful Damas is the same in principle as a potted plant. The plants are cut as usual and fertilized is best with fertilizer, given in the irrigation water. About once a week, if you notice that the MOSS is dry to the touch, immerse the Japanese decoration in the form of a plant in water. Then let the water drip off, to make the playful dama again in his small bowl or on his plate.

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