Japanese style Salons

Do you want to redecorate your living room? What do you think if you do the Japanese style? You know oriental decor is fashionable, especially the Japanese. And the clean, uncluttered look of the decor and simplicity make it perfect to decorate the living room, the space of the home where we spend most of the time.


As you know, Zen is the main slogan of this type of decoration and elegance, calm and rest are key features to look for. To find them you must follow the following tips. Are you ready?


First, you must respect the minimalism, avoiding at all costs overload the room. So, you must choose a few accessories and which will form part of the decoration, try to be glass or natural materials such as bamboo.

As for the furniture, it is essential that there is a large table, which is where life is generated stay. Around it you can put small zafus or futons. It will also be allowed a sideboard lacquered Oriental style.


However, to be successful with oriental decor of your living room should be very careful with the choice of colors, which should spread peace and relaxation. So, you should decant mainly by neutral tones and white, but you can also choose the palette of browns and greens. In the same way, you should reject garish.


On the ground, it is best to opt for natural materials and colors. Earthy colors or wood color and materials such as parquet flooring or be the most desirable options. Of course, you should avoid marble and mosaic tiles.

Decorative elements

Finally, we talk of three decorative elements recommended for this type of living, like bonsai, small oriental sources and traditional Japanese dishes.











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