Japanese teapot – practical and decorative

Chinese teapots are admirably with its beautifully painted images. But there is also an interesting kind of tea in Japan. All have heard about the Japanese tea ceremony, which is a symbol of carefully guided through rite. Today I’m talking the Japanese teapot over a very important element -. So pour the tea slowly.

Asian teapot with handle on one side

Kyusu teapot is called in Japanese. It is used mostly for green tea. The types of the Japanese tea pots can be distinguished according to the size and position of the handle. They are made of clay, porcelain or special iron. The traditional Japanese teapot is decorated by engraving with different patterns. The colors are Brown, black, when it comes to iron vessel. The tradition is that the teapot at hand is decorated.

Asian teapot with red neck

The history of Japanese teapots is varied. The tea is arrived in Japan from China, but soon merged into the Japanese culture. The unique style of the teapots is proof of this. It is true that its origin from China, but it has changed much under the influence of Japanese culture. Today, the Japanese tea pot is a symbol of the State.

Asian teapot with interesting design

The Japanese teapot has a place for the filter and can be used very easily. She can also serve as decoration. Models still beautiful teapot will find in this article. In the gallery you will see some examples of beautiful teapot designs. If you want to buy that, then you consider the page from Amazon. Be inspired by these amazing photos!

Asian teapot with shallow lid

beautifully painted brown Asian teapot

Black asian teapot with small points

black green tea teapot with filter

Black Japanese teapot with abstracktem jewelery

Black Japanese teapot with golden handle

Black painted floral Japanese teapot

Blue Japanese teapot flat engraved with lines

Brown Asian teapot with floral designs

engraved Asian teapot with dragon

engraved stylish Antické Japanese teapot with leaves

glätzende red Japanese teapot with a short spout

glätzenden Japanese teapot with high handle

Gray Japanese teapot painted with tiny plants

Green tea teapot engraved with cloud

Green tea teapot in green color

Green tea teapot on a tray

Green tea teapot on bamboo

Green tea teapot very flat

Green tea teapot with abstract pattern

Green tea teapot with many lines

high old Japanese teapot with slanted floor

Japanese teapot engraved with floral designs

Japanese teapot for tea ceremony ready

Japanese teapot with little swelling

Japanese teapot with towering Henkel

Japanese teapots with different patterns

Japanese teapots with engraved lines

Japanese teapots with short spout

little old teapot japan with broken surface

old Japanese teapot traditional style

scwarze Asian teapot with hot lid 600 x 464

scwarze Asian teapot with hot lids

Share Japanese teapots with funny

teapot japan with figures of somepeople

the tea ceremony arranged teapot japan

White Asian teapot with golden edge