Jewelry box made of wood – the best gift ideas!

The women have usually many clothes and accessories. They often complain that there is no place for their things. At the same time, they have nothing to wear. As regards the accessories, there is a variant in which everything is kept very compact. We speak of the jewelry box. We recommend the models made of wood. You can find different variants in different styles on the market – from vintage to modern.

coquettish model jewelery box in white

The question about the decoration is a matter of personal choice. There are vintage decorations with decoupage as well as masterfully made engravings. The jewelry box is the place where we store our personal belongings. This makes them special as the rest of the items at home. Usually, she stands on the dresser and appears as an accent. One other, very practical and functional variant is the jewelry stand. You can decide which is most convenient for you from these items and which you like better. Or you can simply have both.

Cabinet in turquoise color with some jewelery boxes

Check out now the jewelry box models below to. Once you decide for a concrete, you can go on load line .de and immediately order a similar. No woman should exist without jewelry box. 🙂

coquettish model jewelry box for little girls

decorated cabinet with many jewelery box

elegant jewelry box for stylish ladies

fantastic jewelry box with fine design

fine wooden jewelry box with drawers

Jewelery box combines an unusual structure

jewelry box in the form of fungus

jewelry box made of wood with beautiful decoration

jewelry box made of wood with engraving

Jewelry box with drawers of two types of wood

Jewelry box with fine furnishings made of wood

jewelry box with original design

jewelry box with unique design

jewelry box wooden in the shape of pyramid

jewelry box wooden with African patterns

large jewelry box with exceptional design

large model jewelry box with drawers

large wooden jewelry box with drawers and beautiful decoration

many jewelery box with a unique design

original jewelry box with heart shape

original model jewelery box of three parts

romantic model Wood Jewelry Box

round-shaped jewelry boxes with some departments

shabby chic cabinet with many jewelery box

shabby chic jewelery box in mint color

simple jewelry box wooden model

Small wooden cabinet with some jewelery boxes

sweet jewelry box with owl pattern

vintage cabinet in turquoise color with some jewelery boxes

vintage jewelry box in yellow with butterfly decoration

vintage jewelry box model with shabby chic decoration

vintage jewelry box with engraved decoration

vintage Model Jewel Box in Blue

vintage model jewelry box in burgundy with decoration

Women's jewelry box with authentic design

Wood Jewelry Box personalized gift for mothers

Wood Jewelry Box with Shell Design

Wood Jewelry Box with Ying Yang Design

wooden cabinet with some colored drawers with the function of jewelery boxes

wooden jewelery box with an interesting shape