Katharine Pooley reveals best design ideas for interiore

When Katharine is not enjoying his free time hiking, gorgeous designer creates environments through interior design, worldwide. We leave you with some of the secrets and tips that we recommend …


What is your philosophy for interior design?
“I think the versatility is the key.” In each project, it is important to reflect the individuality of the client and its environment. “I have opinions and reviews I recognize the tasteful interior, you can always combine a contemporary look without sacrificing comfort or style consistency,” says Pooley. “Personally, my goal is to convey an environment where the fifth British essence, a classic style of elegance and luxury, mixed with influences from my travels and the places I’ve lived.

Living-room design ideas

The room next photo is quite compact although it seems spacious. What is the best advice to decorate a small room?
“The key is to keep the room organized and clutter free. On one wall of this room closet is observed to keep anything you want, allowing the rest of the space left clear and a cleaner look. In a smaller environment, the balance between the details and the space becomes especially important as the room, adopt a personal touch without being too fitted. I like quirky and well combined with linen and antique linens. Accessories Glass and mirrors in certain places of the room, giving help to the lighting reflections of light through space, magnifying some concrete elements. ”

Artistic Bedroom Design

We love this room black (top) and white outline. Could you tell us what was the source of inspiration and what effect it creates?
The client wanted his collection of modern art will be compensated with room space. In the living room we got elegantly monochromatic white wall furniture combined with sculptural shapes. The effect was expected to create each element based on self-interest awakened at the same time, it should be supplemented with the architectural style of the place.


What is the best way to use color in children’s rooms without choosing bright colors?
The rooms of children must always be decorated in keeping with the personality of the little concerned, thinking how to adapt to changes over time when preferences can grow and change. If you keep the striking hues on upholstery and curtains after a neutral background, you will keep a cool and fun place far too overloaded and a nice little space.

feminine bedroom ideas

We’ve been enthralled with this simple but beautiful feminine bedroom. What is the secret to finding the scheme that best suits him every space?
Muted pastel colors in the fabrics or upholstery, bedding creates a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Sophisticated details and unique as the wallpaper and some accessories with adult air. The secret of this design is not overloaded with too many details the children’s room, but choosing the right textures and create a natural environment fleeing opulence.