Keeping of jewellery and valuables – mad pieces of furniture with secret drawer

They would gladly keep valuable subjects, important documents, cash, expensive jewelry and accessories sure and far from foreign looks at home? However, for a reasonable safe no place is in the house? In this article, we would present to you mad pieces of furniture with secret drawer which offer a sure keeping of jewelry and other valuables.
storage decoration polsterhocker coffee table secret compartment furniture carpet sofa flower magazines
Have a look at this modern, beautiful coffee table in cream-coloured leather optics. The wooden tabletop adapts itself to the existing equipment style perfectly and represents an optimal contrast to the bright leather. A noble piece of furniture which pulls all looks at itself and hides, besides, in his inside a perfect hiding place for your valuables. You would not have thought, or?
storage decoration valuable reservoir hide drawer extendable coffee table wood living room
The colorful design of this attractive upholstery tool which can be applied at the same moment as a comfortable coffee table can be also deceptive correctly. Nobody will know that under the soft upholstery a field is for storage and keeping of jewelry or your stamp collection.
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