kids room decorating ideas

Decorating the baby’s room is one of the most enjoyable tasks dads. But sometimes the thought of this project are scared because they think they have to spend a fortune, which is not necessary. Here we offer tips to create a very special little room, beautiful, functional and comfortable for your baby, when you do not have much budget.Most importantly, however, is to remember that it is not only leaving the room all beautiful, but it is essential to be sure, since your baby will spend much time there.

It is important to have a good sense of space that accounts often advise decorators. It is essential that you take the measurements for each wall (including the position of the doors and windows) and you draw up complete .Once we know the sex of the baby during pregnancy, will be the ideal time to start preparing your arrival and condition your room. Before the little born, prepare everything so that nothing is left out. Now you have time, stop, think, and go ahead with everything your baby will need. Decorating children’s rooms can be a lot of fun … especially if we get involved in the process creating ourselves part of that decoration.

Sometimes you just need to give us a good idea for inspiration, so today we made a selection of 10 ideas, very easy to decorate the nursery yourselves …
An example would be to make a canopy for infant crib like this, constrastándolo with the color of the wall. A simple ring or curtain rod and fabric we hold on both sides of the bed, are sufficient to create a corner APRA as inspiring as this one.

If you do not you report before, you could spend a lot more than they should in unnecessary accessories and items that will not will take advantage. Here are some tips:
Talk with other moms: Your friends or relatives who have children you can recommend products found really practical. Was it worth investing in this quilt so fine? Do I really need to buy a bassinet? Read what some moms say BabyCenter on items purchased to the rooms of their babies and they do not work out.
Measure the space you have either: Do not calculate well what fits in the room is a mistake that parents frequently make and could prove costly. Imagine you buy a special bookcase and when you have at home you realize it does not fit on the wall where you wanted to place it.

But there are many other decorating ideas that you can adapt to the children’s room … I urge one with any of them?