Kitchen at different levels

We present a well-resolved features in which each element occupies a reserved space and is at the correct height in order to enhance the ergonomics of the whole.This composition has waterproof plywood doors and peach skin texture. The handles can be chosen for this steel, as well as the elements that form the center of cooking to replicate the look of the professional teams.


In terms of distribution, the kitchen is divided into an “L”, with the added peninsula that houses the double-bowl sink and integrated dishwasher. At the same time will provide an extra work surface.

Combining materials.
In order to protect the painted contact zones work walls, we can create a ceramic sill, to reach the area of ​​painted wall, pass-acrylic paint. We can also add a picture to be responsible for giving a personal touch to this corner.

Eat in kitchen.
The extra peninsula, increases the storage capacity of the room with cabinets on the bottom. It can also serve to support the area office if you have it or want it, we will present in a lower level of Countertop to achieve the proper height and sit comfortably at the table or work in the office.

A two heights.
The kitchen can be stainless steel and ceramic hob 5 burners include other extra-designed palca a special top-level continuing cooking, use the grill and keep warm already cooked.
The drawers and compartments of various sizes and characteristics facilitate the classification of the tools according to their shape and regularity of use.
The spice jars or utensils in small size also need a space to store them in order. This time, keep them within the practical drawers that serve as hole shooter.

Next to the storage area to find this module Rising offers extra work surface and four drawers with metal guides for storing cookware, large containers or trays.
As a complement, we can fix two shelves to the wall, made of okoume wood, where they can hold multiple items of less use at the same time develop a decorative role in the kitchen set.

With water area located off the kitchen area we work effectively promotes freedom of movement. The sink can be chosen in steel material and must have a primary breast practical side basin and drainer.
The fronts will be protected from splashes of fat by a steel panel to give visual continuity to the hood. The rest of the wall will be clad in gray ceramic and rustic style.