Kitchen blades: suitable materials and their prices kitchen ideas

Kitchen blades: suitable materials and their prices kitchen ideas the worksheet is the first thing you notice when you step into a kitchen. They exist in all sorts of materials, colours and thicknesses. Each type has its intrinsic advantages and disadvantages. Which worksheet is for your kitchen the best? The choice is determined by two major items: budget and cooking style. Be inspired by the following tips and ideas.

stainless steel worktop

A worksheet must be easy to clean, hygienic, heat-resistant and withstand everyday use acids, stains, and scratches. It is also important that lighter materials create a larger space feel. Here you will find a brief overview of the various possible materials to kitchen sheets in manufacture. Composite countertops are quite popular and fit in any type of kitchen. It consists of a composition of plastic and small stone particles. With features such as waterproof, scratch-resistant and hygienic, it is the perfect choice for the kitchen. The main disadvantage of composite is that hot pans and pots can cause permanent spots. The cost of composite is on the high side. The average price varies between € 700 and € 600 square meter. Read more in the article ‘ a composite worktop in the kitchen ‘.

composite good

There are different types of natural stone: granite, marble, Bluestone, … Granite is most often used in cooking because of its luxurious and rustic feel. A granite worktop is heat-and scratch-resistant. Most species, however, are light porous allowing moisture and to gain spots. Choose a polished granite worktop this problem will fade into the background. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages in the article ‘ Granite worktop in the kitchen ‘. Granite is an expensive material, you can find it all for € 275 but it can quickly add up to the € 500 square meters.


For a warm atmosphere at home choose your best for a wooden worktop. In the past, almost all worksheets in wood manufactured but nowadays takes the popularity. Wood is not scratch-, heat-and moisture-resistant. To prevent this from happening is there is usually a protective top layer. The price depends on the chosen type of wood. Starting from the current € 100 metres you can find all the oak worktop for the kitchen. All information in the article ‘ wooden worktop in the kitchen ‘.

Corian worktop

Stainless steel provides a modern, industrial look because was long reserved for the large kitchen of restaurants. Stainless steel has many advantages such as heat-and moisture-resistant and easy to maintain. Scratches on the other hand, have free reign with this material, but over time contributes to the effect of your worksheet. Stainless steel is quite expensive. You pay € 400 and € 450 soon between the running meter.


Corian by Dupont 30 years ago was developed for industrial use. It is a versatile material that is increasingly used for countertops in the kitchen. The biggest advantage of Corian is that the seams invisible can be finished. This makes for a nicely finished whole, especially recommended for a kitchen island. It is also easy to clean and hygienic. It is not heat resistant and sensitive to scratches. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages in the article ‘ Corian in the kitchen ‘. The average price per running meter amounts to 400 €.

modern white kitchen

The ceramic worksheet has only recently made its entry in the kitchen but is enthusiastically received by the natural, tough views. Ceramic is heat-, stain-and scratch-resistant and is perfect to combine with other materials. The downside of ceramic worktops is that you must pay attention with heavy or sharp objects. As this would fall hard on the worksheet, there may be a crack.

kitchen worktop dekton

Glass is a fairly new product when it comes to countertops. You’ll find it mainly back in modern kitchen with attention to design. It is made of industrial tempered glass which makes it waterproof, scratch and heat resistant. A worktop is constantly being used and glass countertops you see every greasy finger, every drop of spilled, … In addition, the material is brittle at the edges, creating over time to make or sharp edges. The price is very dependent on the quality and varies between € 120 and € 700 euro. Glass provides an exclusive and luxurious look.

Oak kitchen with concrete of jpwalker

With a polished concrete worksheet will get your kitchen a modern, industrial look. Concrete is hard, smooth, abrasion-resistant and resistant to heat. By the concrete polishing becomes less prone to spots and is a maintenance-friendly choice. In addition, concrete kitchen magazines cheap, the price fluctuates between € 200 and € 400 per square meter. It is a very heavy material making the damage can harm to your kitchen cabinets. There is not often chosen for concrete in the kitchen because the blade can break faster. Read all about the advantages and disadvantages in the article ‘ a kitchen sheet in concrete ‘.


A kitchen countertop plastic is available in a thousand and one species making you fully can tune on your own taste. Plastic typically consists of two layers. The bottom layer consists of plywood. Above, a paper thin layer of laminate made so that the worksheet scratch resistant. The biggest plus point of plastic is the cost. The price of such worksheets varies between € 80 and € 100 euro the running meter. The worksheet is not heat resistant and cheap imitations do not always beautiful.

plastic 2

The new material Dekton consists of a mixture of glass, quartz and porcelain. The result is a hard and waterproof material suitable for worksheets. Dekton has the same natural look as natural stone but is not porous and therefore more resistant to stains. The werbladen in Dekton are heat-, scratch-and stain-resistant. More details on this advanced material can be found in the article ‘ Kitchen worktop in Dekton ‘. The biggest drawback is the price. Dekton is one of the most expensive materials to manufacture a spreadsheet. It fluctuates between € 300 and € 400.

thickness and width

The ideal height for a worktop is between 90 and 95 cm. you can also adjust the height naturally on the person most in the kitchen works. The thickness of the worksheet you can choose. The minimum thickness will at most materials +/-3 cm. Heavier materials such as granite questions though adequate support if you choose a thicker version.

white granite

Worksheets are custom made especially for you; except for a ready-made showroom kitchen. In most cases, the measured after the placement of the kitchen cabinets. In this way will the worksheet to fit on a milimeter. Ordering a custom made worksheet requires some patience. Consider your to a new kitchen? Through our quote page you can now request prices without obligation at professional kitchen builders. So you can not only compare designs but also materials, methods of operation and the cost of your new kitchen. Click here for more information.

wooden worktop