Kitchen Colors Style 2014

In recent years we have seen in the fashion and design has developed a continuous search for the color, we have seen experiencing strong colors, contrasts, colors the bright side by side … but where is heading fashion and design today?

kitchen after

2014 will be synonymous with conceptual maturity developed over the years and at the same time there will be innovations. This concept is expressed in a flawless design and the colors used by the French company Mobalpa .So let’s see the color combinations of these kitchens:

The first combination of gray , midnight blue and white is suitable for environments sovrailluminati. In other cases, these shades can darken the rooms, especially if they are small.The second kitchen has a mature color combinations adopted in the past. Contrasts can be seen alive but not excessive, colors affect all the same warm color tone. The brown wooden kitchen worktop matches perfectly with the color orange and green , and together they provide an idea of the rustic, simple, natural.

In this case the distinction is not so much in the colors, as in the shape and texture present. Note the black color textured used along the entire wall, this type of color is not flat for which absorbs a large amount of light and not darkens the environment. You see the light reflections? In the case of flat color, the environment would be stuffy and dark.

Here is another example of maturity of style. The color celestino / gray wall is not unusual for a kitchen, but combined with dark wood furniture and part of the kitchen floor on pink / peach color effect is rendered extremely welcoming, cool and classy.

In order not to completely abandon the concept developed to date, here is a kitchen-style 2012.Some kitchens articulated in form, but sober in color and subtle nuances …
Sweet color combinations also are deduced from this image …
That is in my opinion one of the color combinations more mature. Note the strength and vitality of contrasts, which, however, are well balanced. The white acts as a mixer between the warm colors (brown and yellow) and cool colors of the table (blue).

dynamic kitchen cabinets

kitchen in 2014