Kitchen design ideas: make you a nice kitchen with island

Faces a kitchen design? Do you know the most important tendencies within the kitchen currently? Do you know the methods which you can scoop, so that you can use the best innovations at home in this area?

Ideas Kitchen with Iceland of concrete Kitchen Design

The material is abundant, but the rules are also somehow clear and uncluttered. We summarize the whole thing for you!

Linear arrangement

Which is a kind of kitchen design shows a linear arrangement. It is usually the most appropriate for small and narrow rooms. The distribution of kitchen sinks and appliances plays a fundamental role. The sink should be best on a certain distance from the electrical devices. At the same time the oven should be positioned so that it has many work surface and not injured at work.

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To solve all these tasks, requires much thought and logic. To save space, you would have to use mostly the vertical surface. Ergonomic furniture and electrical appliances are also very fitting.

A cooking Island fit into such a concept mostly bad. For this, a kitchen counter might offer additional space for food preparation and be the right solution for tricky places.

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Kitchen facilities in two rows

The parallel kitchen represents a Variant also practical. Usually it helps if you can distribute everything in a rather elongated room. In particular the question represents tricky point, how to save the furniture to width, without that is impractical and inconvenient to use the whole thing.

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Freestanding¬†cooking island also don’t fit. But occasionally, a folding kitchen counter can provide for more space.

Typical variations in this distribution include the separation of functional and work area. Sink, a kitchenette and a fridge are on one side and the storage areas with a working surface on the other. Most of the time thus saves you at length and can accommodate at the end of the room, but a seating and dining area.

L-shaped kitchen

See all kitchen models L-shaped one is the best-known and most appropriate. This is quite simply because that she has been with the times as the most practical of all. In addition she enrols super well in small as well as large room. Square rooms offer the best distribution of space through the L-shaped kitchen of medium or large. Depending on the case space for a kitchen island and kitchen counter could be left in the middle or side. The latter can offer any additional storage space.

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Three-sided kitchen

Also known as a u-shaped, that is a more ergonomic solution. It simply offers the possibility to distribute the various elements on several walls. So you can accommodate pretty much on a small surface.

But, it is mostly impossible in this variant to define a separate dining room area and to integrate. Kitchen island and kitchen counter aren’t in there also.

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Planning around a kitchen island

To unfold the potential of this type of kitchen design, you need a huge room. Also in a large all would sign up very good. Often the kitchen in a room with the dining room is divided and not uncommon in such variants, with the dining room.

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It has pretty much freedom, different ways to distribute the functional and storage areas. While you could draw inspiration from the aforementioned variants. It is important that the cooking island is placed in the Middle, and developed the concept of the design around it.

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Half-Cook Island planning

If you are charming to find the idea with the Koch island or integrate a separate large kitchen counter, then you have this opportunity even in smaller rooms. Instead of an island however you should opt for the peninsula. These can be attached to the wall and thus saves much more space.

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Not infrequently, we conclude our presentation exactly with this example. The syntheses in the interior design are a frequently occurring phenomenon. Plan your own quiet such. Think critically and virtually all details, which associated with it.

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