Kitchen design in Brown to close for every style

The kitchen, which we would like to introduce in this article, is very original and exceptional. Looking at this kitchen design in Brown in the closed state, you’d think it’s a piece of furniture that is made up of several cabinets. Doing this is actually a kitchen. Yes, you read correctly! With just a push of a button you can make a folding door, to open and the kitchen is visible. It is no longer needed, you can be closed again in the same way. So, you have the possibility to hide the sink when you just don’t have time for washing dishes.

design in brown open kitchen folding idea button

The kitchen design in Brown comes from the German manufacturer of Warendorf. The outer surface is decorated in an elegant and warm brown tone, its patterning is similar to suede. Several shelves are visible in the open State. These are suitable for the storage of crockery. Furthermore there are a modern sink and a hot plate.

kitchen design brown practically furniture idea Warendorf

In spite of modern design is the kitchen, as you can see also wonderful for a rustic or Mediterranean style, which is probably because of the Brown surface. If you are so practical pieces of furniture and furnishing system, then this is because kitchen design in Brown just right for you. It takes up very little space and offers still sufficient work space to prepare your favorite foods. Look at some more pictures of this unique cuisine and watch how the kitchen opens. Is but really impressive, you can’t find?

kitchen design brown stone wall design idea modern accent

kitchen design brown surface glossy white floor

kitchen design in brown rustic Mediterranean style interior design