Kitchen Folding Table

As you can imagine, my kitchen is small. Measures less than 7 meters and I confess, I die for a huge kitchen with a huge table where you can eat when we are over two to not have to be taking trips to the salon or picking it both stays. Now, my less than 7 meters have not made me give up to have a table for 2 and 2 folding chairs in the kitchen. If your kitchen is too small, you will find several models of tables you can fit.

My kitchen table has the same system as that of the photograph by Alno illustrating the post, is a table that folds out of the drawer, perfect for not taking up space and have extra space for cooking. As I told you, I have it placed on the cabinet as I have in the stairwell and through it I gained enough storage space. I have not space for drawers that function as chairs, so I opted for folding chairs. Mine are those that are not very nice but quite small and no space, also inexpensive.
If you have no space to put it in the drawer, maybe you have left a hole in the wall for this Single tables. O for this New Table Concept another.
This table also might well serve for a studio or small office, besides having to eat or work site, dispositions also a way not very aesthetic cover radiators.
Choosing a narrow table extended with possibility is probably one of the best options. Choose one that matches your style and combine it with stools or folding chairs depending on your space.

Corner Table extensible
The first trick to optimize well make good use of space is corner. This table Single Corner is ideal for making the corner and it is convertible into a square.
If you have more space and you dare to give a touch of color to your kitchen, you might interested in these tables and chairs Maisons du Monde, also ideal for a balcony or mini-terrace.