Kitchen forms with access to the terrace and sliding windows

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This rural house is a holiday home which is in Spain. The owners engaged the team of Mesura to carry out some renovations. To it belongs also the kitchen which we would like to show you in this article. Although the house already possessed a big living-room with kitchen, one decided, the old and unused kitchen in the ground floor remodel.
The successful result, by the kitchen form, was reached, you can more exactly look in the following gallery.
kitchen arranges modern vaulted structure covers window front sliding window
The idea of the designer’s team was guaranteed to create a kitchen, they a comfortable access to the terrace and to the garden. Because there was before only a window and no possibility existed to get directly in the outside area, the kitchen was increased, so that one could also form a dining area in the kitchen. In this way, the old and at the same time new space changes into the center of the house.
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