Kitchen In Black

The black color is one of the most elegant and the star of some decorative styles, but one kitchen in which predominates the color black is not suitable for everyone or for every home. If you love the color black, today we bring to DecoActual some ideas to see how they look in black kitchens.

modern black kitchen

The first thing to keep in mind to decorate a kitchen in black is the lighting , as the black “eat” the need not only light and natural light but extra lighting for your kitchen not be grim, the key to success.

nice black decor

Maybe the black is present in furniture, for which you will find a contrast in floors and walls, or just the opposite, floors and black walls looking at the furniture and items in the kitchen a touch of color to balance the composition. To do this, you can play with decorative accessories and use them to put colored dots that catch the eye.

kitchen in black

Another thing you should not forget is if the black or other kitchen colors are matte or gloss have both when choosing the remaining decorative accessories and lighting to accessories.

Silver stove

Although it is customary to match or contrast the black with its opposite, the white, do not discard the green, red, orange or yellow.