Kitchen rear wall made of wood instead of tile mirror – 20 ideas and tips

In the kitchen Creates a natural atmosphere and wood, so it is Both a modern and rustic furnishings. The material is Usually used for the kitchen cabinets or countertops, but it can be used as a backsplash. In the article, we present the rear wall of the kitchen from wood as on alternative to the tile mirror and offer helpful tips and beautiful design ideas for the kitchen.

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Until a few years ago, tiles were the usual wall panel for the rear wall of the kitchen. Today Provide many more aesthetic alternative: such as back walls of glass, metal, aluminum and wood. Wood as a natural material gives a cozy feeling and impressed with his look. But many house holds of Which restrain, to build a kitchen wall made of wood as a splash guard.

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The wood as flooring, wall cladding, or material for the establishment is always in vogue and Provides comfort in one’s own home. Especially for country-style houses, a kitchen rear wall made of wood is a tasteful furnishing idea for the kitchen.

Almost all types of wood can be applied, DEPENDING on the Desired look and the design for the back wall. Walnut, birch, oak or beechwood plates are Commonly used as so wooden floors or wood panels. The possibilities are Numerous and it is Desirable, de optics of the institution and the flooring to match.

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At first glance Appears did to be kitchen rear wall made of wood, as to unsuitable idea for the kitchen there is the material not Usually water – and stain-resistant. To its purposes meet splash, the wood Should be Treated as Necessarily with special paints and oils. A surface with clear varnish for example is easy to clean and can protect against splashes of fat underground.

A pretreated kitchen rear wall of wooden plates has on area free of joints and is THEREFORE easy to clean. Wood is a natural material THEREFORE did gives it a special flair to any interior. Further, the wood can be color vote to complete it with kitchens.

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Plywood, different characters can be cut and process to make beautiful wall decoration for the kitchen. A honeycomb is with hexagonal panels, for example, create, Which can serve as protective covers for the cooktop and the sink.
You want to impress with your kitchen, then you-can decide for a rear panel made of wood panels. With a fish bone Association in gray and white for example, you get an elegant kitchen wall will draw everyone’s attention.

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Would acquire comfort and efficiency in the kitchen together, then you are right with the rear wall of the kitchen from wood. Although it takes some more time for cleaning and care as Those made of glass or stainless steel Throughout, she so wants to Provide a natural ambiance and sense of well-being.

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Like the kitchen countertops made of wood, backs of this material need a Relatively large amount of care to look permanently beautiful. The Appropriate detergent is mild and is applied with a sponge. You clean stubborn stains with a hand brush Because They are difficult to remove with the cleaner.

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Do you like the look of wood, but not enough time for adequate care to? In this case, you can close a compromise by opting for the alternative of wood and glass. Before the wood panels can be resistant glass or acrylic glass, Which you can do faster and easier clean. Another variant Introduces the use of other materials for the rear wall of the kitchen, Which are Offered in a wood look.

You have Decided to build the rear wall of the kitchen from the wood itself, You Should note some important points. First, the panel or the be wood flooring according to cut and painted. The wood is Either attached directly to the wall by drilling, or by using wooden strips at the top and bottom part.

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It is important to note did even Treated wood is flammable. THEREFORE, it is advised to be careful When assembling behind a stove top. The best option for this area is the installation of a glass plate, which will protect the back wall behind the stove.

Wood panels are often used as wall coverings for interior and exterior, to make the room with the beautiful look of wood. Here you can see a creative idea for the kitchen is a kitchen rear wall made of wood panels. They combined nicely with the base cabinets and stands in contrast to the white cabinets.

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