Kitchens For All Tastes And Budgets

Conforama Scavolini and recently presented its new proposals for modernizing the kitchen, in the XXI century

No doubt, summer is one of the best times to do work at home.For example, to renovate the kitchen. As mentioned earlier in this section, one of the works that most women want to do.
It is customary for the square footage we have for the kitchen is less than we would like.  And that can not be changed, however much work to be done.  But what we can do is to distribute best to gain space for cooking, storing, for lunch or dinner …

So we thought you’d want to see some of the most recent proposals that have appeared on the market . From the cheapest to the most exclusive Italian design. We start to show you that you do not need to splash kitchen getting a beautiful, practical and fashionable.
Conforama commitment very practical and functional kitchens, remembering to give a touch edgy. In its new catalog, the company offers a number of proposals to suit the varied tastes and at reasonable prices.
We like the so-called ‘Minho’. It has a work island with plenty of space that allows cooking with ease. It is a wise its commitment white and matching wine elegantly, creating a very pleasant stay.
Many are those who despite trends and thousands of possibilities, are inclined to white as a color only in the kitchen. For them it is thought the Boston model, which intends to intensify the natural radiance of space by using that color in furniture and accessories, but with glossy finishes.
Installing a blown small bar for informal meals instead of a side table can maximize space. Therefore it is especially designed for little spacious kitchens.

The option is given by Italian design firm Scavolini , called Foodshelf and designed by renowned French designer Ora-Ito: “The project is founded on the idea of creating a kitchen that really was the hub of the home.From that intention which is not born but a reading of the relationship between the kitchen and the living room.
Thus, ‘Foodshelf’ has given birth to a “new linearity horizontal”, marked by a series of wood effect shelves along the kitchen are assuming a different role: in addition to the counter, the strip below the base units and those placed on high shelves act as and / or open compartments.